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Boxing Timer

Boxing Timer
Boxing Timer
Boxing Timer
Boxing Timer
Boxing Timer
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  • Model: FA151K

- Timer professional training.

- The timer allows you to organize the sessions / pause typical prepugilistico training.

- Programming of 4 parameters of every Timer: time of action, of pause, of final pause and number of sequences.

- Counting Mode time, forwards or backwards.

- Display of the time and cycle number using the digit height 9cm, easily visible for over 30m.

- Booking of the automatic start of a Timer

the expiration of the one currently active, with significant expansion of the combinations of time counts:

for example, to a number of cycles of Action + Pause can follow a different number of cycles with different durations of Action + Pause.

simultaneous operation of two Timers: the first has a sound signal and visualizes the times, the second one only has a different sound signal at the beginning-end of every action; This allows the simultaneous management of two sports activities, such as a boxing meeting and a training sequence.

- Complete with remote control IR is one of the best on the market timers.

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